Dear Equestrian Friends;
I will be launching a new Video Blog soon I am calling:  DRESSAGE CORNER, WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS.

My promise to you is that this project will support our love of horses and sport in a positive light.  I will use my lifetime in the equestrian world to bring you tips and further education to enhance your journey in aspects of your riding including dressage, western dressage and hunter /jumpers.

As a very important part of this site, I will interview other professionals to shed light on their principles and tips that have helped them reach their personal success.  This site will promote the MANY WAYS to accomplish success using correct basics while building your own training program.  I will be looking for REAL horsemen and women to contribute and will not be limited to only one approach as long as the welfare of the horse is always the first consideration.

Our site will also have a PROFESSIONAL CORNER for my colleagues and upcoming professionals where I will host subjects that affect all of us in the equestrian business.  We will have articles, videos and interviews that will be at an advanced level.  My team and I will research all kinds of information on new grants, tips to running your business and I will ask questions to my professional guests to share their knowledge that has made them successful in their own business.  As the site builds, I will listen to my viewers and try to add what they want to be included.

What I will not do: I will not promote negativity.  Life is complicated enough.  My site will be positive and will not tolerate any tearing down our equestrian sports or our professionals.  There are plenty of sites, some positive, some not, which discuss controversial subjects that possibly need to be looked at. That will not be where I put my energy, it is just not me.  DRESSAGE CORNERS MISSION IS TO PROMOTE POSITIVE EDUCATION, GREAT HORSEMANSHIP AND A FEW LAUGHS ALONG THE WAY!

Thank you all for your support!
Heather Bender

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